Food Technologist

Job Description

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March 22, 2023

As a food technologist, you'll work on the development and manufacturing processes and recipes of food and drink products. Your aim will be to make sure the products are safe, made in an efficient way and meet specific standards. You could also work on existing and newly-discovered ingredients to invent new recipes and concepts.


  • modify existing products and processes and develop new ones
  • check and improve safety and quality control procedures in your own and suppliers' factories, from the raw material stage through to the finished product
  • research current consumer markets and latest technologies to develop new product concepts
  • select raw materials and other ingredients from suppliers
  • prepare product costings based on raw materials and manufacturing costs to ensure profitable products
  • audit suppliers or manage internal audits
  • run trials of new products - either alongside or together with product development
  • coordinate launches of new products
  • deal with any customer complaint investigations or product issues
  • compile, check and approve product specifications and labelling
  • undertake long-term projects with other departments, such as reducing waste by improving efficiency
  • work on packaging innovation and technology
  • conduct experiments and produce sample products
  • design the processes and machinery for making products with a consistent flavour, colour and texture in large quantities
  • build relationships with suppliers and customers
  • ensure products are profitable.

Job Requirements

  • a genuine interest in science and how it is applied to food and cookery
  • high standards of cleanliness and the ability to adhere to strict hygiene rules
  • excellent attention to detail
  • strong written and verbal communication skills
  • leadership qualities
  • people and teamworking skills
  • a flexible approach to working
  • numeracy and problem-solving skills
  • good organisational ability and time-management skills
  • an awareness of the consumer market.
  • deep knowledge in the growing technologies

Required Education

Bachelor degree is required, Master degree a valuable asset


English is mandatory

Other Compensation

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