Job Description

Posted on: 
January 18, 2024

We are seeking a Vice President of Human Resources who will serve as a dependable strategic collaborator and counselor to senior-level executives and management within the fashion industry. This role will primarily focus on guiding and facilitating initiatives related to change management, optimizing organizational efficiency, talent management, fostering a unique culture, and enhancing leadership within the industry.


  • Engage in close collaboration with fashion industry leaders to gain insights into their business requirements and strategic priorities, laying the foundation for the development of a tailored HR strategic plan.
  • Spearhead change initiatives that are in harmony with a performance-driven culture, ultimately enhancing performance metrics, overall business outcomes, and boosting employee engagement within the fashion sector.
  • Assume a leadership role, providing clear direction and valuable coaching to Business Partners operating in the fashion industry.
  • Leverage your business acumen to harmonize the HR strategy with the overarching business strategy and objectives, crafting HR-specific strategies that drive pivotal outcomes within the fashion industry. Offer expert guidance on talent management, workforce relationships, organizational design, and compensation strategies.
  • Seamlessly integrate HR services into the larger spectrum of organizational initiatives within the fashion sector. Develop and execute a finely-tuned HR operational strategy tailored to your specific fashion businesses.

Job Requirements

  • Demonstrates a proven aptitude for data development, analysis, and interpretation, leading to well-informed recommendations and strategic actions tailored to the fashion industry.
  • Showcases experience in developing organizational structures that align people, processes, and reward systems with fashion business strategies.
  • Proficient in managing change within intricate systems, skilled in resolving conflicts, and adept at navigating group dynamics. Possesses a strategic mindset that assesses both short-term and long-term impacts of decisions within the fashion sector.
  • Excels at assembling high-performing teams, fostering their growth and influence. Prioritizes diversity of backgrounds and perspectives to unlock individual potential, actively seeks feedback, and embraces accountability for personal development and growth.
  • Possesses technical proficiency and up-to-date knowledge of HR practices tailored for multinational and progressive fashion environments. Capable of driving continuous process improvement, harnessing technology, and optimizing efficiency.
  • Adaptable to a fast-paced fashion environment, displaying resilience, self-motivation, and a rapid learning curve. Demonstrates a     consumer-centric mindset.
  • Skilled in influencing, negotiating, and effectively managing multiple stakeholders, often balancing competing interests and various timelines     for action within the fashion industry.
  • Holds a proven track record in HR leadership roles, with demonstrated experience engaging with senior business leaders in the fashion sector.
  • Brings over 10 years of progressive human resources and business leadership experience, specifically supporting marketing, R&D, and consumer insights within the dynamic fashion industry.

Required Education

Bachelors degree is required and an MBA/Business Masters preferred.


Italian required, English preferred. Other languages are a plus

Other Compensation

Italian required, English preferred. Other languages are a plus

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